Dangers of Sleep Apnea in Railroad Workers

Falling asleep on the job is a long-standing joke that workers kid each other with. In many industries, however, falling asleep while working can be deadly. This is especially true

Are You a Railroad Worker Injured on the Job?

The recent Railroad Safety Week recognized across the country is focused on educating the public about making safe decisions around trains and railroad tracks and other rail safety education. According

Most Common Injuries Reported While Working for a Railroad

Job-related injuries are common in many professions that involve the use of complex machinery and cramped workspaces. The hazardous nature of railroad work puts the railroad workers are at a

3 Reasons Why an Injured Railroad Worker Should Hire a FELA Lawyer

The work environment of railroad employees often entails a variety of stressful and hazardous conditions. The provision and implementation of a safe work environment for the employees, whether while operating

How To Determine Whether Asbestos, Diesel Exhaust Fumes Or Solvents Cause Specific Types Of Cancers?

It is already known that mesothelioma is caused exclusively by prolong exposure to asbestos. The studies have also shown that exposure to diesel fumes and/or asbestos can lead to several

FELA Lung Cancer Cases Caused By Asbestos And Diesel Exhaust Fumes

Asbestos, coal dust, sand dust (silica), diesel fumes and exhaust, are known carcinogens, which means exposure to these elements can lead to lung cancer. Similarly, fumes from solvents, welding, and

FELA and Railroad Signal Maintainers and Maintenance Way Workers

Railroad signal maintainers and maintenance way workers face hazards on the job, but it’s the daily exposure to hazardous substances that pose the most risk to these workers’ health and

Do I Need a Virginia FELA Lawyer?

Railroad workers face dangers on a daily basis that can cause severe injuries or due because of long-term exposure. When a worker has been injured or diagnosed with a railroad-related

Does Cigarette Smoking Have an Impact on a FELA Claim?

Over the past several decades, there have been multiple studies that have confirmed that the conditions that railroad workers are forced to work in can cause them to develop cancer.

FELA Lawsuit Depositions

If you are a railroad worker who suffered a work-related injury or developed an illness like mesothelioma from exposures to asbestos or other dangerous substances on the job, you have