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Two Hurt in Train Crossing Crash in Iowa

Two people suffered non-life threatening injuries in Nashua, Iowa on March 2 when a train hit a tractor trailer at a train crossing.

Nashua IA police stated that after the crash, the truck driver and train conductor were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Police stated that they thought that the truck driver did not see the train as he was approaching the train crossing.


All too many railroad crossing accidents occur in the US each year. Many people assume that if a car is struck by a train at a railroad crossing, the car driver is nearly always at fault. This is not the case. Most people are unaware that railroads are required to keep railroad crossings properly maintained. They must ensure that the railroad crossing gates and flashing lights operate properly. They also must make certain that vegetation has not overgrown around the crossing so that it obstructs the view of the driver.

Our railroad crossing accident law firm has represented several clients who were injured at railroad crossings. One case involved a Norfolk Southern train that slammed into our clients’ car in Prince William County, Virginia. The two children in the rear seat were injured.

The father stated that he could not see the train until the last second, so we reviewed the trees, brush and vegetation at the railroad crossing. We examined Virginia common law and demanded a settlement from the father’s insurance company, and also from Norfolk Southern Railroad.