FELA Basics For Injured Railway Workers

After being declared unconstitutional in 1906, the Federal Employers’ Liability Act was passed again in 1908. Since then, the FELA Act has persevered in the face of constitutionality tests while providing a federal system of economic recovery for railway workers who are killed or injured on the job. What kind of injuries qualify me for a FELA claim? Railway work […]

FELA Attorney Responds to FAQs

The Federal Employers Liability Act was passed by Congress in 1908 due to the important function that the railroad industry played in the growth of interstate commerce. Most people are at least marginally aware of the essential role that railroads played in the evolution of the United States. They paved the way for the settlement and development of the Wild […]

How We Assess a Potential Cumulative Trauma FELA Claim

Our FELA law firm is proud to say we’ve represented hundreds of former, and current, railroad employees in a myriad of different FELA claims. Our experience extends to helping railroad workers suffering from cumulative trauma injuries related to their railroad work. The information below provides an overview of how our firm analyzes and assesses a potential cumulative trauma FELA claim: […]