What Can I Do to Make My FELA Claim as Strong as Possible?

Although it plays an indispensable role in our country’s commerce, working on a railway is extremely hazardous. In an attempt to mitigate these dangers, strict standards designed to lower the risk of injuries have been put in place. If, however, a rail company ignores these safety regulations, the result is a working environment that is full of dangers. If you sustained an injury due to a railroad company’s negligence, you could be entitled to file a claim under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act

Is there anything I can do to help ensure the success of my FELA claim?

To increase your odds of collecting fair and just financial compensation and to understand how the FELA claims process works, you need to speak with an experienced FELA attorney about the facts of your accident.  

The Virginia railroad worker attorneys at Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp have been attaining successful outcomes in major railway injury cases since 1985. Contact our Virginia personal injury law firm today and schedule a free consultation of your FELA claim. 

What Can I Do to Reinforce My FELA Claim?

One of the most essential things you can do after being injured while working on a railroad is to seek immediate medical care. Even if your injuries do not appear especially serious at the time, getting a thorough examination by a licensed physician will serve to establish a medical chain of medical. This is particularly true for illnesses and injuries that do not show symptoms right away. You should always keep all records, notes, and files pertaining to your doctor visits since they will help verify that you were injured at work and that you took appropriate measures to mitigate them.

It is also a good idea to gather proof of the conditions or dangers that caused your injury. Videos, pictures, and eyewitness statements are all worthwhile forms of evidence that could corroborate your claim of a dangerous working environment. For instance, a colleague might not have been there when your accident happened, but they might have observed the condition that led to your injuries shortly before your accident took place. If security footage of your accident is available, that is another form of evidence that can help support your claim that employer negligence was the cause of your injuries.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know Before I File My FELA Claim?

You need to understand that in order for your claim to be successful, you have to show that your employer acted negligently. You are not required to prove that you did not share in the liability for your accident, only that your employer contributed to it. If you can do this, you are eligible to collect financial compensation for your damages.  

Another thing you can do to strengthen your FELA claim is to hire an experienced FELA attorney to represent you during the legal process. A representative of the FELA claims department who is working for your company might ask questions with answers that can be manipulated or taken out of context to make it sound like you were in the wrong and not your employer. They might also ask you to sign off on some paperwork, which you should not do until your FELA lawyer has looked it over and advised you on what to do. 

Do You Need A Virginia FELA Attorney?

If you sustained injuries while working for a Virginia railroad company, you do not have to figure out how the FELA claims process works on your own. A seasoned Virginia FELA attorney at Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp can handle the legal aspects of your case and help you to recover the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. Schedule your free consultation by calling our offices at (833) 997-1774 or by filling out our contact form online. 

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