Factors That Could Impact Your Railroad Cancer Settlement

Under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, any railway worker who is diagnosed with an illness resulting from workplace exposure is eligible to file a lawsuit against their employer. According to FELA, railway employees are entitled to recover compensation for an occupational illness, such as cancer, if they can prove that it, in any measure, was caused by the rail company’s […]

Facts vs. Myths About Filing a FELA Claim

Understanding the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) and the process of filing a claim is crucial for railroad workers seeking compensation for workplace injuries. However, misconceptions can cloud judgment and deter individuals from pursuing legitimate claims. In this article, our FELA lawyers dispel common myths and provide factual insights to help you navigate the FELA claims process effectively. MYTH: FELA […]

Workers’ Compensation vs FELA: Is There a Difference?

In the United States, most workers are covered by insurance that compensates them for any work-related injuries. Most companies that cover their workers for on-the-job illnesses or injuries carry workers’ compensation insurance. The railroad industry has its own path for workers to receive financial compensation for these illnesses or injuries called the Federal Employers Liability Act. Are FELA and workers’ […]