Negligence Standards and Your FELA Claim

Due to the inherently dangerous nature of railroad work, railway employees face numerous hazards on a regular basis. It is important to recognize that not every injury is the result of occupational hazards. In a lot of cases, if your employer acted negligently, you are probably entitled to collect financial compensation. If you sustained an injury during the course and […]

Railway Yards and Job Site Injuries

Although worker safety measures within the railway industry have greatly improved over the past twenty years, the process of switching in railyards, an operation that includes breaking apart and putting together trains, and organizing and storing cars, is still a leading cause of injuries to railway workers.   What makes railyards so dangerous for workers? In fact, research performed by the […]

FELA Basics For Injured Railway Workers

After being declared unconstitutional in 1906, the Federal Employers’ Liability Act was passed again in 1908. Since then, the FELA Act has persevered in the face of constitutionality tests while providing a federal system of economic recovery for railway workers who are killed or injured on the job. What kind of injuries qualify me for a FELA claim? Railway work […]